1. Application

This Agreement covers all products sold through the website (website or otherwise e-shop) www.esmokeguru.com the company called "VASILEIOS PAPAKONSTANTINOY " (hereinafter "ESG"). Any deviations from this contract must be confirmed by ESG writing. Any other Terms and Conditions are excluded. Any user who enters and uses the services of the shop it consents and accepts the conditions set out here, without exception. If someone does not agree to these terms must refrain from the use of the shop and every transaction with it.
Send your order implies acceptance of this Agreement and all terms thereof.

2. Orders / Contract

Orders must be received in writing via the internet by completing and sending the relevant Order Form which is available at www.esmokeguru.com. Υour order received by ESG by the time you receive relevant information with a "Confirm Registration Order." Updates on the order status screen of the user and sent via internet to an e-mail address that is entered by the user. During processing of each registered order is confirmed and stock availability of products ordered. If the availability or delivery time varies than indicated in the product page will be send to you notice.

Your order is binding when the order status it says "In process". The order status is updated continuously as and when changes arise in the handling of your order. Responsibility to check the confirmation of the registration and immediately notify ESMOKEGURU (within 2 hours from the time of making e-alert with "Submit Order") in writing of any error, otherwise the information specified in Registration Confirmation will apply to this Convention.
Before sending the Order Form you received knowledge of the following components:

Prices quoted for various products that are reflected in the pages of the website include statutory VAT.

The prices of the shop can change anytime without notice. The quoted prices of products and services apply to purchases from online store. Prices of products and services to market through a physical store may differ. You can check out the prices of goods and services from the shop.

The marked “Web Offer” or “e-shop offer” or “Offer” means either that the product has a different value if the market is through the e-shop, than that which is available at the same time from physical stores, or that the product has a different price than the list price or the retail price. ESG is not responsible and does not cover differences in prices of goods purchased by physical store and the customer found a posteriori the existence of the lowest price in our online store or vice versa.

The various products offer valid until stocks last. In the case of small / limited availability of stock products that has come to ESG retains the right reasonably related to orders executed on the basis of satisfying a larger number of customers, or orders recorded by different / separate users.

ESG tries to provide high quality service every day. ESG in good faith, not responsible for and does not undertake any errors in features, photos and prices listed on the site www.esmokeguru.com and cannot ensure that there are no errors from any cause during the introduction and / or updating of attributes and / or the price of a product.

In the context of good faith and for your protection, please realize that if a product is offered at an unusually high or low price than its market value, before proceeding with the order to contact the Customer Service Department at +302109621640 or send e-mail at info@esmokeguru.com. ESG gives the user the ability to order products are available through the online store and accept the products at which he will indicate in the order entry in the online store. Specifically, the customer may select through the online store product/s he wants and the direction it wishes to receive the order, paying the purchase price, whether in cash deposit or by credit card at the order entry in the online store. This possibility is subject to the following terms and conditions:

• The customer must be a registered member of the site ESG so it has already provided the requested information for verification of identity (i.e. name, address, telephone number, Login (Username) and your Personal Security Code (Password).
• This order applies from the time you get e-mail newsletter to receive your order.

3. Order Cancellation

You may cancel your order at any stage of completion by calling us at +302109621640 or by email us at info@esmokeguru.com. In each case, the cancellation of your order may be made within 24 hours from the time of registration. Depending on the stage of your order will inform you about your options.

4. Delivery / Ownership / Risk

Products can be sent to you anywhere within the Greek territory and other worldwide countries you can choose when registering your order. The products will be sent where you have indicated in the Order Form by courier (courier). In areas where it is not possible to send your order via courier, the time of sending is provided by each agency that may assume that role. Missions will take place daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The shipping cost is automatically calculated during the checkout process.

ESG, subject to clause 7, will make every effort to send your products within 1-3 business days (Monday through Friday) days. For products availability are “when ordering” or “temporarily unavailable” or otherwise indicated working days i.e. 5-7 and on condition that they may be ordered from ESG’s suppliers, the delivery time to approximately 5-20 business days (Monday through Friday) depending on the product category. It can be made and partial delivery. The place tradition refers to “Submit Order”. The ownership of the Product is transferred after full payment and the risk passes on delivery.

5. Force Majeure

ESG not responsible for delays in performance (including delivery) due to circumstances not attributable to the fault of ESG or due to force majeure and shall be entitled to extend the time for execution. Examples could be strikes, terrorism, war, problems with suppliers / transport / production, currency fluctuations, governmental or legislative acts and natural disasters. If these events last longer than 2 months, this Agreement may be terminated by either party without compensation.

6. Your obligations as a Customer

You are responsible for:
Selecting your product and it’s suitability for your purposes. Cost of telephones and e-mails communication with ESG, if any.

7. Withdrawal - Return Policy - Consumer Rights

You have the right to return products purchased, without penalty and without being obliged to tell us why you wish to return product under the following terms and conditions: The refund will be made at the latest within seven (7) calendar days from the date you receive your goods. In this case you only charge the direct cost of returning goods.

Returns are accepted provided they contacted the same day or next working day with our online store.
The product must be in the same condition you received it (as new), which means they have not been unsealed or has not violated the package, just before the sale to the complete original packaging (box, nylon, foam etc.).
To accept the return should be shown the original proof of purchase (proof of retail, invoice) by the person who originally purchased the product and whose elements are reflected in the document market. If the market is made by credit card will be necessary to show the original coupon issued by the bank POS.

PRODUCTS EXCLUDED FROM THE RETURN POLICY: a) open packages (torn safety film), b) used products, c) half-opened and broken products, d) products that have been mistreated, abused, scarification or detached wholly or aside the labels, e) products which are missing the serial number.
Product that has sold as an additional gift (e.g. a different product) should be returned with the additional gift, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refunded amount.
Since the conditions and accept the return of the product, the consumer is entitled either to receive a credit note equal value to buy other or others, or a refund in cash or a credit line that will notify ESG, when the acquisition was made in cash . H refund the consumer will be completed within thirty (30) days from the date we receive the product. If the market was made by credit card will be canceled and the corresponding transaction information (credit) credit card rather than cash back.

In case of repeated refund, ESG, in its sole discretion, considers that the consumer is abusing the right of return or act in bad faith may refuse to return the product even if it fulfills the above terms and conditions.
For your desire to return the products purchased from our online shop will need to notify us in writing via email info@esmokeguru.com on “APPLICATION FOR REFUND OF ORDER” stating date / purchase receipt number within that period. Provided that you receive written approval for reimbursement from ESG, the address to which to send the products to be returned are:
Vasileios Papakonstantinou, Gounari 229, Glyfada 16674, Greece, marked “APPLICATION FOR REFUND OF ORDER”.

To avoid your own suffering, it is advisable to check carefully at the time of delivery you the condition of the products and their packaging intact, in order to detect any visible defects (e.g. broken merchandise, KL f.). If you have any defect should contact our shop immediately after delivery the same day or next working day at +302109621640 or email info@esmokeguru.com.
Return policy of ESG, not in defective products. To address deficiencies or lack of guaranteed properties sold in the articles are the projections of the Civil Code. To be considered an attribute of guaranteed, should be certified as such in writing by both parties. This Convention shall not affect any consumer rights provided by law.

8. Modification the Conditions of this

ESG reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of trade. The modification or renewal will be valid from the moment you informed about the text of any change.

9. Miscellaneous

If any part of this convention is found void or unenforceable by a court, the remainder of the agreement shall continue in force. ESG may conclude an agreement for the assignment of obligations to an appropriate third party. Otherwise, neither party will be entitled to assign or transfer its rights or obligations. All notifications must be made in writing (by hand, email, fax or letter via first class mail, which will be deemed delivered 48 hours after posting).

10. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

This Agreement will be governed by the European and Greek law, in particular legislation governing matters relating to electronic commerce, distance selling and consumer protection, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.